The city of Ermeton-sur-Biert

Do you know the famous Ermeton-sur-Biert?

Ermeton-sur-Biert is a small village with undeniable charm in the province of Namur in Belgium. Consequently, it is part of the municipality of Mett in Wallonia, which, let us remember, was an independent municipality until 1977. At that time, it was decided to merge many municipalities in Belgium, including Mett.

Its reputation is well deserved, and if you are looking for rest, an outdoor vacation or even rejuvenate, this is a must-see destination.

You will be cut off from the world, with superb landscapes specific to Wallonia. Among these, we find the Molignée river, which crosses it. The popularity of this has earned it to share its name with a cheese, Molignard, which is produced at the Cherlin cheese farm in Falaen. We strongly recommend this if you ever decide to go to Ermeton-sur-Biert.

The most attractive of this village, you surely already know it, is its sublime monastery. There is a community that was founded in 1917 by Father Eugène Vandeur, who was monk of the abbey of Maredsous. This place of worship, with an impressive structure and size, is entirely managed by women and sisters.

The values ​​of the hermeton monastery in Belgium

The values ​​that were instilled at the time of its creation still remain, and are passed down from generation to generation. Indeed the latter was built with a single goal, and especially on a passion, which can even be considered as a reason to live. That of making the sharing of community life between women prosper, and of communicating the riches and values ​​of the spirituality of the Christian religion. You therefore fall into a universe apart, rocked by love, wisdom and tolerance. A stop in this worship can spiritually uplift you, and can even change your view of the world, good, evil, forgiveness and many other values, which tend to fade in our current society. It’s a pause from your life, your beliefs, and what you think you know.You will open your mind, forget or question everything that seems obvious to you. Maybe even try to put some things in their place, review your priorities and the true meaning of your life and that of others. Apart from personal fulfillment, the greatness of mind that you will acquire, it is an experience which can be profitable for you if you feel lost, alone or that you do not show purpose in your life.alone or that you do not prove a purpose in your life.alone or that you do not prove a purpose in your life.

What are we doing there?

Despite its unisex character, the monastery is obviously open to everyone. It is therefore possible to have talks with the sisters, to be counselor, guide or even perhaps confess. The chapel is also an oratory, open all day and private. But above all, if you are more interested in discovering this place, its practices and its habits, it is possible to participate in the Eucharist and the Liturgy of the Hours. All Masses and other events are in French.

Visit the monastery

For those who are passionate about architecture, you are in luck. Indeed, the monastery of Ermeton is a building with an exceptional structure. In addition, the area is very impressive. It is therefore a building that was built in 1917, even if it has undergone renovations, its authenticity has not changed. We find there the charm of cold stones, high ceilings, large fireplaces and high towers. It is a leap into the past. Similar to a castle, it is arranged in the same way. There are high walls, a bell tower, a courtyard and huge rooms. In winter, the monastery is breathtaking. Entirely covered by snow, it feels like a movie.

Stay there

The monastery is open to everyone, and all day. It is possible to stay there and stay there for a while as a guest. As we said before, this is an impressive area, so there are therefore 9 rooms suitable for couples and 17 single rooms if you ever want to go alone. There are also multi-family rooms, suitable for your children, your wife and all your family whatever it is, each room has its own bathroom. The monastery is for sale, it seems that it could be transformed into housing offered for rental subject to being able to present a rental guarantee.

Alone or with others?

Even if this stay can be a quest for oneself, you can choose to come together and share this incredible experience with those who really matter. There is of course an elevator, which has been partly fitted out for people with reduced capacity, so as not to disadvantage anyone. The building was built in order to share the riches of Christian spirituality, you can flourish this value by bringing other people into it. Otherwise, you can always talk about it around you and strongly advise it.

Arrangement of the monastery

Library and bookstore

Regarding the activities and facilities set up in the monastery, there is a large library, as well as a bookstore. Some works date from over 150 years ago! Others were written by some of the sisters themselves. It is therefore an immensity of exclusivity that is within your reach. The opportunity to cultivate oneself, to open up other horizons and to live a few hours or a few days through these messengers of God.

The park

The monastery is also fortunate to have a park, with impeccable maintenance and aesthetics. A real little individual nest to read, meditate or take time for yourself. But also a place of sharing, communication and exchange. You can also meet the sisters there, who will be happy to be able to guide you, answer your questions and above all advise you. A magical place to find wisdom and rest for the soul. There are also large meeting rooms, in order to meet with host, as well as with the sisters and to talk, for an indefinite period of each person’s feelings. But above all of the greatness of mind that you are acquiring, and of enriching yourself all the more by listening to the thoughts of each one.

The kitchen

These are the same rooms in which you will have your meal. The cuisine is simple but very varied, and the feedback is more than positive. As soon as everyone has finished, you will be invited to clear the table and all together participate in washing the dishes. It is also necessary to help with setting up tables before starting. Service and mutual aid are essential values ​​of Christianity.

The events

Each year, events are organized by the monastery to provide information and share their experience on the benefits of the Christian religion. They are presented in the form of an information session, activity for the youngest, and individual discussion areas. They are obviously open to everyone, and each time there are many participants. Of all ages, all classes and all situations. No matter who you are, what you do in your life, what you have accomplished or not accomplished, you are welcome. Even more so if it is of real value to you. These events are organized to guide and help you. Mutual aid and generosity are qualities that are truly recognized in the Christian religion, and judgment has no place there. Tolerance, on the other hand.